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Our purpose and passion is protecting your future, today.

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Who is looking out for your best interests?

At Confluence, we believe there's a better way to provide insurance and risk management. Our extremely knowledgeable advisors will develop and manage solutions that are right for you. Our effectiveness is built on sharing our deep experiences, having real conversations, building genuine relationships and having a sincere commitment to your betterment and success.


Risk Consulting

The greatest risk is not taking one. Managing risk and vulnerabilities is an ongoing challenge. We have created proprietary tools to help you understand the risks you face, offer solutions to manage them and make you and your company more resilient.


Commercial Insurance

Helping you protect your organization from financial loss so you can focus on the things that matter - leading and growing your company. We'll help you feel comfortable and confident you've selected the best insurance options for your company.


Private Client Insurance

To meet your family's ever-changing circumstances, we partner closely with you to ensure an optimal level of protection that addresses your ongoing and changing needs, providing you with greater piece of mind.

Delivering Real Results
One Client at a Time

Many of our clients come to us after having worked with large insurance brokers because they experienced slow response times, continually revolving support teams, and lack of involvement from the broker’s top leadership and talent. With us, all your interactions will be with the person you began your relationship with at Confluence - the person who intimately knows you and your business, and is professionally and emotionally invested in your success.

Who We Are

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The amount we helped one of our clients SAVE on their workers compensation costs last year.